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Bizlem.com is a web 3.0, social business platform that aims redefine ecommerce. Incorporating the state-of-art, semantic web, machine learning and natural language processing technologies, bizlem.com is working on creating a highly social way of doing business. Our founder started it while she was still an engineering student and already received seed funding.


Bizlem.com is developed mostly on Java and PHP technologies. We use mostly open source products and development tools. The key technologies used are:


Our social business platform with advanced artificial intelligence is schedule to be released in April 2015. The product is under development, testing and enhancement



Bizlem.com excellent learning and growth opportunities to young engineers. Most of the technologies we work on are absolutely cutting edge. We are looking for self-motivated technology professionals in Java, Python and PHP who work with us in creating the path breaking web 3.0 platform Working in a startup present its own opportunities and challenges. It provides a flexible environment where a lot of cutting edge technologies are developed through R&D. We are looking for young engineers with a zeal for learning.

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Bizintegra Systems (P) Ltd,
G-81, Fantasia Business Park,
Vashi, Sector 30A, Navi Mumbai - 400705

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